Expert Seminars

Training courses and expert seminars on private construction law, public procurement law and engineer law

Dr. Rolf Theissen and the partners of TSP have been conducting training courses and expert seminars for professionals in the field for more than 15 years.

For special in-house seminars, our attorneys tailor the content and structure to precisely fit our clients’ needs. These internal courses serve to increase your employees’ effectiveness and will safeguard your competitive edge.

The groups targeted by the seminars

  • Project supervisors and project managers
  • Purchasing department staff (in particular for the traffic and energy sectors)
  • Managing directors, Prokuristen (officers vested with full commercial powers of attorney)
  • Architects, civil engineers; Judges, in-house counsel, attorneys
  • Heads of construction departments, planning departments and construction supervisory authorities (Länder, municipalities, infrastructure sector) and their staff