Construction Law

In this field, TSP provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Contract management

    We provide consultancy services in the run-up to a project, draft and negotiate construction agreements of any type, and ensure that they are implemented; in particular, we have experience with municipal and commercial construction projects. Specifically, TSP possesses specialist expertise in the real estate development industry and assists with the real estate fund transactions pursued by institutional investors. Our many years of practical experience have familiarized us with the details of how complex sale and purchase agreements, construction agreements and follow-up realization agreements combine to become part of an investment strategy (in particular commercial lease agreements and tenancy agreements).

  • Change order management

    We effectively handle all claim processes and change order procedures that may occur in projects governed by unit price agreements and GMP agreements. We will find a targeted solution, in particular where disruptions to a project’s progress and schedule are concerned. We ensure that demands for securitization in accordance with Section 648a of the Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB, German Civil Code) are dealt with properly.

  • Deficiency remediation

    We forcefully pursue the remediation of deficiencies and will enforce these claims wherever necessary. Moreover, we will find solutions to any issues in connection with a contractor’s insolvency, when it is imminent or when insolvency proceedings have already been initiated.

  • Securities management

    We ensure that your projects are implemented promptly and free of defects by putting in place effective agreements on liquidated damages and realizing performance securities. We will realize the securities granted for deficiency claims, for example when contractors file for insolvency proceedings.
    Legal consultation in the course of the construction project:
    We provide legal consultancy services to clients, project managers, general planners and expert engineers over the entire course of planning and implementing a construction project. We will promptly find solutions to issues arising in the planning, implementation, and realization phases of construction project, ensuring that they will stand up to legal review.

VOB/B - Projekthandbuch für das Asset- und Gebäudemanagement
Projektleitung und Bauherrenvertretung im Wohn- und Gewerbebau
VOB/B - Bauvertragsabwicklung anhand von Musterformularen
Sicherheiten am Bau nach BGB und VOB/B
Band 10: Neues Bauvertragsrecht 2018