Construction Law

TSP has been active as a law firm specializing in construction law since 1996, serving clients from both the governmental and private sectors.

A key prerequisite for private-sector and governmental investments in construction projects is that they must remain predictable. Thus, pro-tecting the investment entails the systematic management of con-tracts, supplemental services / change orders, and sureties. Claims for defects must be pursued expeditiously and effectively to avert con-sequential damage. It is of the essence to ensure that the entire con-struction process be steered in a stringent manner that will stand up to judicial review, while closely coordinating with the experts involved.

To this end, TSP has developed its own compendia of templates for use in construction law contexts as a means enabling the smooth execution of building projects, even ones on a large scale.

Over the years, the attorneys at TSP have earned a reputation for their outstanding competence and effectiveness throughout the resi-dential and commercial development sectors, as well as in the field of plant engineering.

Where construction law is concerned, the members of the TSP advisory teams fulfill all the requirements.

Our key strengths in this regard:

Contract management

Advice on the proper type of construction agreements, drafting of such agreements, and ensuring their dependable, end-to-end imple-mentation, particularly for municipal and private-sector projects. One of TSP’s particular fields of expertise in this context is providing con-sultancy services for the construction of residential buildings on behalf of governmental and private-sector clients.

Effective processing and targeted resolution of all the supplemental service or change order scenarios that potentially could arise in the context of fixed-price or lump-sum contracts, particularly if the con-struction schedule is disrupted. Correct handling of demands for se-curitization pursuant to section 650f of the Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB, German Civil Code).

Enforcement of claims for deficiencies

Forceful assertion and enforcement of claims for deficiencies. Reso-lution of any problems arising in connection with a looming or actual insolvency on the part of a contractor.

Legal consultancy provided in the course of the construction process

Ongoing provision of legal advice to clients, project managers, gen-eral planners and/or specialist planners during the conceptualization and execution of a building project or measure. Quick and legally reli-able resolution of any problems arising in the course of the planning, execution or realization of a building project.

Management of sureties

Ensuring timely and defect-free project execution by way of appropri-ate contractual penalties and performance bonds. Liquidation of sure-ties by way of enforcing claims for performance and/or for deficien-cies, e.g. in the event a contractor becomes insolvent.

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