About us

Building – real estate – infrastructure

TSP Theissen Stollhoff & Partner mbB (TSP) was established in 1996 in Berlin, Germany. Our firm specializes in providing advisory services to private and public-sector clients active in the construction and real estate sectors. We work all over Germany for a wide range of cli-ents, including public authorities, infrastructure enterprises, investment firms, and real estate funds.

We enjoy an excellent reputation for our thoroughly grounded expertise and many years of experience in the fields of construction law, architect / engineer law, as well as public pro-curement law and real estate law. One of our special niches is the construction of residential projects for public-sector and private clients.

Benefits to you

  • Specialization

    We maintain a targeted focus on construction law, architect / engineer law, as well as public procurement law and real estate law. We will provide you with soundly conceived, custom-tailored solutions.

  • Professionalism

    You can rely on our highly developed professional expertise and practical competence.

  • A responsive, proactive, and solution-oriented work ethic

    If desired, we collaborate directly with our clients’ technical departments. We always strive to find optimal solutions based on sound legal foundations. Our legal opinions include recom-mendations for action.

  • A consulting approach geared towards averting conflict

    We think and act entrepreneurially. Accordingly, intelligent conflict prevention is our guiding maxim. Wherever possible, we work towards finding ways to settle disputes before court proceedings become necessary.

  • Cost-optimized service

    As our clients, you will benefit from the efficiency gains and cost advantages that our special-ization makes possible. You will achieve your business objectives in a timely and cost-effec-tive matter. In addition, our consulting is personalized: You will have continuous access to the members of our advisory team as your contact persons.

Additional advantages for you as our clients

Besides our project-based consulting and representation, we also provide the following services:

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